One Nation Under God (ONUG-PWANI) is a community based organization (CBO) which has been a leading peace movement at the Coast of Kenya. Started in 2013, ONUG is currently present and active in 3 counties -Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale, with a strong grassroots network with the aim of covering the whole Coastal province by 2020. ONUG has played a leading role in providing sustainable platforms for dialogue, deliberation and critical learning to enhance peaceful co-existence by encouraging formal and informal collaboration with other groups and cultures in the community.

ONUG is working hard to take advantage of the current peaceful atmosphere in Kenya to foster cohesion and reconciliation in order to solicit and lobby for resources towards community empowerment on soft skills on livelihood sustainability

Relationships, poor leadership and management, lack of knowledge and resources have been identifies as the major causes of conflict amongst communities. ONUG is strategizing herself to tackle these issues head-on by ensuring that a working and sustainable solutions are achieved across Kenya through Coast as a “yardstick”. This scenario was evident during post-election violence where most of the areas where ONUG in partnership with other organizations were present did not experience any form of violence as a result of the outcome of elections. Constructive dialoging was embraced and given a chance.